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PlayStation - State of Play - September 2023

Check out what they revealed in PlayStation event on September 14, 2023 - it's called 'State of Play - September 2023'! Baby Steps PlayStation's State of Play kicked off with a bang, introducing Baby Steps, an exciting new game set to release in the summer of 2024. The trending phrase "Just Grapple It" will make sense once you watch the trailer. In Baby Steps, you step into the shoes of Nate, a couch-loving, jobless guy who discovers a unique power – the ability to walk – in a mysterious mist-covered world. This hilarious adventure lets you control each of Nate's legs separately as you journey through stunning landscapes, meet local animals, and help our not-so-heroic hero navigate his less-than-thrilling life. Get ready for loads of laughter and enjoyment in this upcoming game, and don't forget, it'll also be available on Steam . Roblox Exciting news for some, Roblox is making its way to PlayStation! Roblox remains as popular as ever, and that mig

No Man's Sky 4.0 Update & Switch Launch

Get Ready to Blast Off into the Ultimate Gaming Adventure - No Man's Sky 4.0 and Switch Launch! Explore a world beyond your imagination with new features, improved performance, and the all-new "Nexus" storytelling mechanic. Join the community and start your journey now!

No Man's Sky just got even better with the new 4.0 update and Switch launch - check it out now!

No Man's Sky has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, accompanied by a fresh update. I, who have not played the game in some time, am thinking of starting a new character to avoid getting lost in the vast universe as before.

However, the update appears to bring many thrilling new features and content to the game, making it worth exploring. A trailer highlighting what players can expect is available:

What's coming to the Switch?

No Man's Sky has undergone a significant update to version 4.0, bringing with it a host of new features and improvements. The update's centerpiece is the "Nexus," a storytelling mechanic that allows players to interact with other space travelers and delve deeper into the game's lore.

With the new update, players can enjoy a range of new exocraft, freighters, and base building options. Additionally, the update brings improved performance and stability to the game, making it a more seamless experience for players on all platforms. This includes the recently released Nintendo Switch version, which now has access to the latest and greatest features in No Man's Sky.

Playing No Man's Sky

Have you had the chance to try out No Man's Sky? If so, how many times have you started a new character? If you haven't played, are you considering giving it a shot? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

No Man's Sky is an exciting video game that has captured the attention of many players. Whether you've started multiple characters or are still on the fence about giving it a try, it's a fascinating experience that's well worth exploring. So, if you're looking for a new gaming adventure, be sure to check out No Man's Sky and let me know what you think in the comments below.