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PlayStation - State of Play - September 2023

Check out what they revealed in PlayStation event on September 14, 2023 - it's called 'State of Play - September 2023'! Baby Steps PlayStation's State of Play kicked off with a bang, introducing Baby Steps, an exciting new game set to release in the summer of 2024. The trending phrase "Just Grapple It" will make sense once you watch the trailer. In Baby Steps, you step into the shoes of Nate, a couch-loving, jobless guy who discovers a unique power – the ability to walk – in a mysterious mist-covered world. This hilarious adventure lets you control each of Nate's legs separately as you journey through stunning landscapes, meet local animals, and help our not-so-heroic hero navigate his less-than-thrilling life. Get ready for loads of laughter and enjoyment in this upcoming game, and don't forget, it'll also be available on Steam . Roblox Exciting news for some, Roblox is making its way to PlayStation! Roblox remains as popular as ever, and that mig

What's This? A New Version Of The Late 80'S Game Of Rampage?

Join forces with up to four players in the epic destruction fest of Terror of Hemasaurus!

Terror of Hemasaurus, a new game, will be released on October 17, 2002. It took me a second to watch the trailer that seemed quite familiar. It reminded me of a Bally Midway arcade game called Rampage from 1986.

Rampage Arcade Game
Here's the flyer that went around back then.

Players would take control of three massive monsters attempting to survive military assaults. Each round is completed when a specific city is completely demolished. Any of the buildings can be climbed by the player, who can punch them to pieces and reduce them to rubble. Non-playable human characters and food items can also be punched or grabbed within the levels. Damage is dealt to the player's monster by enemy bullets, dynamite sticks, shells, punches from other monsters, and falls. Eating foods like fruit, roast chicken, or soldiers helps to restore health.

If a monster receives too much damage, it reverts to naked human form and begins walking sideways off the screen, covering its body with its hands. In this state, players are vulnerable to being devoured by another monster. If the player continues, the human mutates back into the monster or (if the human walked off the screen) flies in on a blimp with a full life bar (but loses their score). That was a Rampage synopsis back in 1986.

Terror of Hemasaurus is a new game similar to Rampage. In this retro city smash 'em up, you can play as a giant monster and wreak havoc on humanity! Punch buildings, slap helicopters, eat people, and kick cars - there are so many ways to wreck havoc! Up to four players can enjoy satisfying arcade action and mindless destruction! (Sound familiar?) 

Now that you've seen gameplay above for Rampage. take a moment to watch Terror of Hemasaurus and tell me you don't see anything that resembles Rampage. 

For those that never played Rampage or heard or seen it, you probably would not make the connection. Rampage was a fun arcade game, it was a good franchise while it lasted. It spanned from 1986–2009 for arcade and various consoles. And lastly, it was made into a film staring Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. 

"Rampage" Warner Bros. George & Davis Okoye (Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson)

Davis Okoye is the main character in the 2018 science fiction film, which is based on the 1986 arcade game of the same name. Go figure...

While it will be available on Windows, according to Metacritic, it appears like it will be published on these systems as well: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, & Nintendo Switch on Dec 7, 2022.