How To Fix Sluggish Laptop

Have you ever had the impression that your laptop is becoming slow and that you can't play a game or watch House of Dragon without problems? These suggestions may provide you with the necessary boost. I know I always restart my laptop being doing any editing or streaming on it.

Start with the simplest task first. Turn off your laptop. It could only require a fast reset if you haven't rebooted your computer in a while. Restarting your laptop can fix more issues than you would imagine, in addition to deleting temporary files and shutting down apps. To maintain your laptop operating at its best, try restarting it at least once each week.

Some laptops can be upgraded with more RAM, while others cannot. If you're one of the lucky ones, consider upgrading your RAM. This allows you to run more programs at the same time without slowing down your laptop's performance.

This is most likely the phase that will take the most time. Cleaning up files that have accumulated over the course of days, months, and years. Pictures, videos, and other huge items like from Photoshop or those YouTube Videos/Shorts you make. When your computer's storage capacity is getting full, it will not perform well. Consider it like having a full stomach. You can't do much with a full stomach as contrasted to an empty stomach. 

I'm definitely a victim in this following level. Having many browser tabs open. I believe I'm writing this with three screen monitors, each of which has a browser with roughly 20-30 tabs open. Each one consumes memory and can significantly slow things down. I occasionally shut all browsers during zoom conversations or streaming to ensure that all essential power is not consumed. Along with the browser tabs that are open, make sure to close any other apps that are operating in the background that aren't now required.

I hope these easy tips help you optimize your laptop for your requirements. Leave a comment if you have any recommendations for speeding up or cleaning your laptop.

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