Inbox Zero Mission and e3 news!

I thought it was time to start cleaning up my inbox and getting closer to inbox zero (like eating a whale, one bite at a time). The current number of emails is...50,745. Yes, that's right. I can't believe how horrible it is. I've been using Gmail since it was in beta, which was probably around 2004. That implies I've been using it for around 18 years. Some emails were misplaced or forgotten.

That's when I came across this lovely e3 expo email from 2017.

Info about Inbox Zero:
Inbox Zero is a strict approach to email management that aims to keep the inbox empty. Merlin Mann, a productivity specialist, created Inbox Zero.

Some tips:
  • When handling mail, remember to delete, delegate, react, defer, or do.
  • Keep the email client closed.
  • Process email on a regular basis throughout the day, possibly once an hour.
  • First, remove or archive all new messages. Then move on to what someone else can best answer.
  • Respond quickly to any new communications that can be answered in two minutes or less.
  • Move new messages that take more than two minutes to respond to a separate "requires response" folder, as well as ones that can be answered later.
  • Set aside time each day to respond to emails in the "needs response" folder or to go through the mail in this folder throughout the day.

Speaking of e3 from the email...who's game for e3? ReedPop will join with E3 2023 to arrange the event. ReedPop (the organizer of PAX, Star Wars Celebration, and numerous other conventions). Here is a complete list of the events they have planned. 

"We are thrilled to bring back E3 as an in-person event with ReedPop, a global leader in producing pop culture events," said ESA president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis. (source)

It appears that 2023 will be the year. When attending these events, we must remember to be clean and sanitize properly. Following the pandemic, people are returning to their old habits and are no longer concerned about how easily germs spread. This experience, I believe, taught us something. But I suppose not.