Inbox Zero Mission and e3 news!

Cleaning Up My Inbox and E3 Expo 

I decided it was high time to tackle the daunting task of cleaning up my email inbox and inching closer to that elusive "inbox zero" goal, you know, like eating a big whale one bite at a time. As of now, I'm facing a staggering number of emails – a whopping 50,745, to be exact. Yeah, it's pretty unbelievable. I've been using Gmail since its beta days, which I think started around 2004. That means I've been at it for roughly 18 years, and some of those emails have clearly gone astray or slipped through the cracks.

Rediscovering E3 Expo Email

In the midst of this email expedition, I stumbled upon an old email from the E3 Expo back in 2017.

Inbox Zero Management Tips

Now, if you're not familiar with the concept, "Inbox Zero" is a rather strict approach to email management, designed to keep your inbox completely empty. It was conjured up by Merlin Mann, a guru in the realm of productivity.

Here are a few handy tips to conquer your inbox:

  • When handling emails, think: delete, delegate, respond, postpone, or do.
  • Try to keep your email app closed when you're not actively using it.
  • Process your emails at regular intervals during the day, perhaps every hour.
  • Start by clearing or archiving all new messages before moving on to those that could be best answered by someone else.
  • If a new email can be addressed in two minutes or less, respond right away.
  • For messages requiring more than two minutes, place them in a separate "requires response" folder, alongside those that can be answered later.
  • Allocate some time each day to work through the emails in your "needs response" folder or handle them throughout the day.

E3 Expo

Now, switching gears to that E3 email – who's up for E3? It turns out ReedPop will be partnering with E3 for the 2023 event. ReedPop is the organizer behind events like PAX, Star Wars Celebration, and a bunch of other cool conventions. They've got a full lineup of exciting events planned.

Stanley Pierre-Louis, the president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), said, "We are thrilled to bring back E3 as an in-person event with ReedPop, a global leader in producing pop culture events."

Emphasizing Hygiene at Events

It looks like 2023 is the year to mark on the calendar. However, as we attend these events, let's not forget the importance of cleanliness and proper sanitization. The pandemic may have prompted us to be more cautious, but it seems some folks are returning to their old habits, not quite grasping how easily germs can spread. I believe this experience should have taught us something, but it appears not everyone got the memo.