A Snow Effect For Your Stream Overlay!

snowed horizon

During the holidays, users often create overlays for their streams that display something related to the holidays. I normally have some red and green lights with Christmas trees. Most importantly, also included the snow effect. People would observe my snow effect through clips or by stopping by the stream and asking how I did it. For years, I would comb the internet for the right code to use, but this one was surprisingly simple. I turned it into HTML and sent it to everyone who needed a snow effect on their stream. 

I imagined that since you're reading this, you'd want it as well. You are quite lucky. Simply copy the code below, paste it into notepad or any text editor, and save it as snowing.html or whatever filename you can remember. Then, add that source to your preferred streaming software, such as OBS or XSplit.

Isn't it straightforward? What do you do to spice up your streams over the holidays?