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Since a lot has transpired with this service, I've decided to post an update.

Recently Beam made it possible to have your Twitter icon verified on your channel. You'll notice a circle inside the icon. If you don't have it yet...there are some easy steps on making sure it's possible. 

First, head over to your account settings. You'll need to remove your Twitter link from your profile and unlink your Twitter account.

Remove Link/Unlink Twitter
Remove your Twitter link and then unlink your Twitter account

Once you have cleared both, go ahead reauthorize Twitter. Your Twitter icon should be verified.

Account Linked Successfully!

Keep in mind, any updates or changes to your account settings page, you will need to redo this process to have your icon verified. Pass this information along to others out there who haven't verified or notice their verified icon disappear.

I hope you found this content interesting. Please share this message with your friends, folks on beam, or to spread the news so we can get this updated, but for now it's a temporary fix. It's a little bothersome, but it works.

Microsoft renamed Beam Mixer almost a year later. Their goal was to compete with Amazon's

Back on August 11th, 2016, Microsoft acquired Beam. Microsoft rebranded Beam to Mixer almost a year later. Their goal was to compete with Amazon's 

Then, on July 22nd, 2020, Microsoft shut down Mixer and transferred existing partners to Facebook Gaming.