BeamPro Twitter Verified Accounts

Recently Beam made it possible to have your Twitter icon verified on your channel. You'll notice a circle inside the icon. If you don't have it yet...there are some easy steps on making sure it's possible. 

First, head over to your account settings. You'll need to remove your Twitter link from your profile and unlink your Twitter account.

Once you have cleared both, go ahead reauthorize Twitter. Your Twitter icon should be verified.

Keep in mind, any updates or changes to your account settings page, you will need to redo this process to have your icon verified. Pass this information along to others out there who haven't verified or notice their verified icon disappear.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please go ahead and share this post with your friends, people that are on beam or to to spread the word that we can get this updated but until then it's a little fix. It's a little annoying but it works thank you.

Star Wars Rogue One BTS & Star War Ceelebration Europe SWCE

Star Wars Celebration Europe kicked off in London and we were given a small glimpse into Rogue One.

It's a behind the scenes look just under 3 minutes. May contain spoilers for the upcoming film this December 16, 2016

Judging by the video it's simply amazing and uber excited for it's release. What was your favorite part? The location sets that were shown was simply amazing. From seeing it, I think this is going to be by far my favorite one of the Star Wars series.

"May the Force be with us!"

To search twitter for anything SWCE related visit here.

Some images from the past two days...


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