Geekness Day 2016 & Pokemon GO

Computer screen terminal

Geekness Day 2016 Comes to a Close - Did You Celebrate? See What I Did!

Geekness Day 2016 is almost over. For the past year, I've had this website and blog, but I haven't done much with it. I've mainly been active on Twitter (Follow me @MooseyGeek), and occasionally posted on Facebook.

I hope to change that after today. I hope everyone else had a good Geek Day too. Today, I've been playing "Pokemon GO" and setting up this website.

Pokemon Go Mobile - Charizard
Pokemon Go

Thank you for reading. I'm going to try to overcome my writer's block and laziness and start being active and creative on this website. Thanks to Ant Pruitt for mentioning Geekness Day.

I  wouldn't have been motivated to achieve it without him. Look him up, he's a great guy.