Geekness Day 2016 & Pokemon GO

Computer screen terminal

Geekness Day 2016 is nearly over. I've had this domain/blog for about a year and haven't done anything with it. I've largely been active on Twitter , with a few Facebook postings thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully, that will change after today. I hope everyone else had a fruitful geek day as well. I've been tinkering with Pokemon GO and setting up this website today, so two things for me :)

Pokemon Go Mobile - Charizard
Pokemon Go

Thank you for reading thus far, and I'll attempt to break out of my writer's block/laziness and get busy on here and be creative. Thanks to Ant Pruitt for mentioning Geekness Day.
I wouldn't have had the motivation/push to achieve it if it hadn't been for him. Look him up; he's a great guy.