Fantasy Hockey Season 2022

It's that time of year, new season for NHL 2022-2023. And with a new season, fantasy sports is there for us fans to enjoy! It's been probably 5 years since I've played any fantasy sports online. Always kept forgetting but last night I finally went to Fantasy Sports at Yahoo and created my team. At first, the draft wasn't going to be until Oct 17th, but then there was a live draft that I could join right away. Jumped on that and waited for it to fill up. Once all was filled, the draft started. My luck, I was first draft! That was a first. The season will start next week my league, so I'm looking forward to that and get back into Fantasy Hockey. Maybe it'll open up doors to play others that are available. Think the last one was Football & Basketball, but that was about 10+ years...can't quite remember. (lost my account that I used to have - so all my wins/trophy's are gone)

Here are my players that I got.