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BeamPro Twitter Verified Accounts

Recently Beam made it possible to have your Twitter icon verified on your channel. You'll notice a circle inside the icon. If you don't have it yet...there are some easy steps on making sure it's possible. 

First, head over to your account settings. You'll need to remove your Twitter link from your profile and unlink your Twitter account.

Once you have cleared both, go ahead reauthorize Twitter. Your Twitter icon should be verified.

Keep in mind, any updates or changes to your account settings page, you will need to redo this process to have your icon verified. Pass this information along to others out there who haven't verified or notice their verified icon disappear.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please go ahead and share this post with your friends, people that are on beam or to to spread the word that we can get this updated but until then it's a little fix. It's a little annoying but it works thank you.

Rogue One - Star Wars Story - Beastie Boys Mashup

I came across a great mashup of the Rogue One trailer with Beastie Boys "Sabotage". When that song came out in 1994, you really get pumped up by it. I still do. The music video was great...played homage to the 70's tv shows like Hawaii Five-O, The Streets of San Francisco, S.W.A.T., Baretta, and Starsky and Hutch to name a few. If you haven't seen any of these old shows, you need to start. There's nothing like it. Without further ado, here is that trailer mashup. Enjoy.

And I thought I share some of the intro's for those shows mentioned above.

Hawaii Five-O Intro - IMDB

Starsky & Hutch - IMDB


The Streets of San Francisco - IMDB

I couldn't find the intro for Baretta, but here's the song, by Sammy Davis Jr. - IMDB

What were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below what they were and if none were mentioned above, which TV shows would you pick? 
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